Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sick Pediatrician

For all of you parents (and grandparents) out there, read this story about the pediatrician assaulting children while the parents were in another room. It was a two year-old that told her mother what was going on. It's a reminder about being careful who you trust with your kids.

Also Oprah has an two hour long interview with pedophiles available online here.
I'll be back with a regular post tomorrow.


Lola said...

That's sick. So glad that 2 year old was able to tell her mom and it led to this guy getting caught. I watched most of the Oprah show with the pedophiles. It made my skin crawl, but I wanted to know how they operated to watch out for them.

J. said...

Wow, that is some SERIOUSLY disturbing shit, Lisa. As a survivor of abuse, it just hits so close to home. I hope the kids get what they need to be okay, and I hope the perverse fuck gets what he deserves in jail.