Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Really Scary Stuff

I know that my last post was disturbing and basically a downer. I would like to make up for that with something clever and funny but don’t get your hopes up. Instead I’m going to share my weekend trauma.

C had warmed up a bowl of potato soup for Marin while I was busy doing something else. I saw that she had the soup and didn’t think anything about it. Then Marin choked on a potato. I was screaming for C while frantically trying to find a phone to dial 911. Claire was screaming and hysterical, I was panicked and C was doing the Heimlich on my baby. The potato dislodged and then Marin was crying. I have never been so relieved in my entire life.

C has the opinion that I worry too much; neurotic is the term he prefers to use. Normally if he has prepared food for Marin I do an inspection and cut things up smaller. I think it makes a lot more sense to prevent problems, especially problems like choking. I am still upset by the experience and angry that C hasn’t figured out that there is a reason that I cut Marin’s food into tiny bites. After Marin choked, Katie starting cutting up the pieces of potatoes remaining in the bowl. Claire told her that she should have done that before Marin choked. C pointed out to Claire that it wasn’t Katie’s fault. I hope he spent a little bit of time reflecting on exactly whose fault it was.

Marin is fine and doesn’t seem to be nearly as traumatized as I was by the event. She even finished her soup and the potatoes that Katie chopped up into tiny, baby-sized bites. Despite Katie’s calm during the emergency, she was worried, too.


Stacie said...

Oh wow, that is so scary. I am always worried about things like that happening to Laney. Thankfully C was able to successfully perform the Heimlich on Marin.

I'm glad to hear that everything is okay!

Skye said...

Big hug!

bernthis said...

I cut my kid's steak up into bites small enough for a mouse to eat. That's how neurotic I am

Reuel said...

It's not neurotic, it's being a mom. Glad that your baby is ok, hope you feel better soon. It always seems to take us longer to get over it than it does for them, thank god kids forget quickly!

Farmers Wife said...

That is so scary....we have dinner time incidents like this too....glad everyone is okay xx

Bulldog said...

I never got over that fear. I was scared to death more than once. If it was up to me, all of my kids' food would have ben pureed - at least until they were 18.