Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a Little Misunderstanding

A few days ago I had an appointment with my gynecologist. I am still having some trouble driving since the surgery on my right knee. I asked my teenage son, N., to drive me. N. didn’t ask any questions and I directed him to the doctor’s office. He waited patiently in the waiting room with the baby. I didn’t volunteer what kind of doctor that I was seeing but I kind of thought that it might be obvious, what with all the pregnant women.

When we left the office N. questioned me about my visit.

N.-“So, what did the doctor say?”
Me, caught off guard- “Huh?”
N.-“Well, how’s it doing?”
Me- “How’s what doing?”
N.-“Your knee, how’s it look?”
Me-“Oh, that. It looks fine.”

I had a hard time not laughing the entire time I was in the doctor’s office because all I could think of was ‘pajinas’. By the way, I spelled ‘pajina’ phonetically to make it obvious how it’s pronounced. Everyone knows that pajina is actually supposed to be spelled with a ‘g’.

I have another follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon today. N. is going with me. I guess I’ll have to make up a story about this being a different knee specialist….

Wish me luck. I'm afraid today is the day for some scary injections into the joint.


J. said...

Ouch, hope everything goes well with your knee. And while you could just tell N. that you were visiting the gyn, if he didn't pick up on it, then he probably doesn't want to know.

Sass said...

Oh, you poor thing. I'm sending you very positive thoughts. ;)

Noah's Mommy said...

lord...you gave me the giggles....I hope your knee is on the mend...and you are as fit as a fiddle soon....

Julia said...

Hope the knee shapes itself up soon! I can't imagine not being able to walk easily and chasing a toddler about.
Though making your son drive you to the GYN does make for some hilarious, snort-inducing writing.

Sass said...

Hey, forgot to mention...I tagged you today. I KNOW you don't participate...but just thought maybe you'd like to. ;)

Just for me.

Just this once.

hee hee.