Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Family Dysfunction That Just Keeps Going

My sister is a big believer of showing off what you’ve got. Unfortunately, now that she’s in her forties, she’s got a bit more to show. Since she hasn’t really internalized the need for a larger size, the result is that her dresses are now REALLY short.

A few days ago, my mom was commenting on Lynne’s outrageously short dress.
Mom- “Are you sure that’s supposed to be a dress? It looks more like a blouse.”

Lynne persisted with her clothing choice, despite the taunting from the rest of us. I remember one particularly bad moment when Lynne was exiting the vehicle with her dress hiked up around her hips.

Me- “Maybe you might want to pull that thing down before everyone in the parking lot is forced to see something ugly?”
Lynne, making a token effort at maintaining the minimum required by public decency standards- “How do you know it’s ugly?”

She continued wearing the dress the entire day, forcing everyone around her to constantly remind her to yank it back down, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Early in the evening she was sitting on the living room floor with the dress practically around her waist when Claire overheard us laughing about it. Claire, being the resourceful seven year-old that she is, grabbed her camera and took a shot for the family album. Lynne yelled about deleting that picture but it was soon forgotten.

That is, forgotten until she realized that Claire was out in the front yard showing it to all the neighborhood kids.

Lynne then started lecturing Claire about how inappropriate that was. Claire spoke up to defend herself, stating the obvious.

Claire- “Aunt Lynne, how about if you just cover that up?”


J. said...

That's rich! The exhibitionist lecturing the seven year old on what's appropriate. At least your girls have a great negative example. Now you'll be able to say, "That mini-skirt looks like something your aunt would wear." and Claire at least will be scrambling to change.

Anonymous said...

I think you should post the photo here for us all to see


Mia said...

Yeah, we need the photo *grin*

And just imagine what that girl of yours will be like in another 5 or 6 years ::laughing::

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Apparently your daughter has a little more sense... my MOTHER dresses like that, it's embarrassing, and I'm thirty three!
Here's to all the Brintney Spears of the world- while we may not appreciate their fashion sense, it gives us bloggers something to write about!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

That is funny! A bit rich for your sister to be lecturing your daughter on "appropriateness" eh?

Mutton in lambs clothing... yuck.

TheFrazzledMommy said...

I really like your blog and this story made me laugh outloud. Your sister sounds like a kick in the pants to hang out with!:)

Skye said...

I used to have a co-worker like that. *shiver*