Monday, June 09, 2008

Hopefully This Will Go Away Before High School

A couple of days ago Marin decided to give up crawling in favor of walking. She staggers like a drunk with both hands up in the air and squints if she senses an upcoming impact. She also took up dancing the same day that she took off walking, although the dancing requires the security of a piece of furniture to hang on to. Then she stands while bending her knees repeatedly, smiling and bouncing to the music. There is just nothing cuter than a dancing baby.

She has also been working on her vocal skills. And by working, I actually mean screeching. This shrill, primitive noise that she uses can serve the purpose of conveying delight or displeasure. Kind of like ‘aloha’ can mean hello or goodbye in Hawaiian. It’s all in the context. I forgot to mention that it’s just a hair under ear piercing decibels.

I keep expecting to have the following conversation on the phone:

Me- “Hello?”

Other person- “Hi. Hey, are you really into ‘Jurassic Park’ or what?”

Me- “It’s ok. I haven’t seen it for a while. Why do you ask?”

Other Person- “Aren’t you watching it right now?”

Me- “No, why would you think that?”

Other Person- “You better get the hell out. I think you have a raptor in your living room.”


J. said...

Screeching and dancing, sounds like a fun night out to me!

Roxanne said...

Delurking here!
I have had someone mistake my child for an animal over the phone. Once when my daughter Jocelyn was about 9 or 10 months old, a telemarketer called begging for something or other. Jocey was screeching away, playing with her toys, when the telemarketer asked me what type of bird I had. I cracked up, and said, no bird, a baby girl. He was astounded at her apparent ability to mimic some tropical bird. She still has voice regulation issues, but she's a pre-pre-teen now, so that's quite normal

S said...

Switch to cats - fixed cats - they are usually quiet. Maybe you could trade the baby in?

Veronica said...

Ah the screeching. Joy!

And hey, at least a raptor would kill you and get it over and done with, a toddler just makes your ears bleed.

(yes, I have a toddler too)