Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Lord, They're Sick again...

I have three sick kids and now I have a cold, again. I have taquito smeared on my leg from Marin’s lunch and a little while ago she actually blew her nose on my sweater. The only thing that is shocking about any of that is that I haven’t even bothered to change my clothes. I mean, why bother? For all practical purposes I’m essentially living with Typhoid Mary. Correction, Typhoid Marys…..

Claire and Marin had a doctor’s appointment a few days ago. They were both coughing and wheezing. Their doctor prescribed steroids and antibiotics for both. Claire is now old enough that she can manage a pill which is handy given the fact that it would be easier to give a wolverine liquid medicine.

Marin was prescribed liquid Decadron rather than the liquid Prelone that has a reputation for tasting horrible. They both got liquid antibiotics.

After filling the prescriptions, I went home and prepared doses. I noticed with relief that the antibiotic actually smelled good, like cherries. The last time we had one it smelled so bad that I could hardly stand to pour it. At this point I’m thinking I’m home free.

Me- “Ok, Claire, take this pill.” She complied with no whining or complaining. I’m now so confident that I’m getting a little cocky as I hand her the cup of pink liquid.

Claire, looking at me positively outraged, demanding- “What’s THIS?”

Me, trying to regroup and remain positive- “It’s your antibiotic. It smells really good.”

Claire- “Are you crazy? I’m not drinking that.”

Me- “Yes, I’m afraid you are.”

Claire, having a full-blown melt-down- “Why? I hate it! It’s that stuff that tastes awful and you promised that I didn’t have to take it anymore!”

Me- “It’s not that stuff. That’s the Prelone and you took a pill instead, remember? This is just your antibiotic and it smells really good. Now drink it.”

Claire finally relented and drank it then accused me of being a liar.

Claire- “You lied to me! It was that stuff that tastes awful!”

Me- “No, Claire. It was just the antibiotic.”

Claire, still furious- “Well, it tastes like you were lying to me!”


Stacie said...

How dare you taste like lying, lol. I hope that everyone gets well soon. I seriously cannot imagine three sickies plus yourself. That must be hell.

Get well soon!

Julia said...

Fabulous. I love that line. If only I could come up with that kind of material. I guess you have to be a kid.

You sound like my house two weeks ago. Bronchitis, ear infections, and non stop hacking. A happy time was had by all. Not. Pure hell.

I wish you a speedy recovery, but know it will take a while from personal experience.

Farmers Wife said...

I love the fact that YOUR kids sound so much like MY kids.....