Thursday, July 23, 2009


We took the girls to the zoo a few days ago. They all enjoyed it but Marin seemed especially happy to go. My complaint is the number of children there. It's crazy. Strollers and toddlers everywhere. Almost everyone there was drinking out of a cup with a spout. I think that the zoo would be way more fun if there weren't so many kids.

Maybe they could raise the admission price to keep the undesirables out.


Noah's Mommy said...

Lovely pictures...looked like they were pooped after?.....I know what you mean...I think the people make it more of a zoo than the animals sometimes

AnnQ said... ruin stuff like the Zoo all the time ;-)

Great pictures!

Julia said...

Cute photos! Your girls are so adorable. My son loves the zoo and is a stroller boycotter. Makes for fun with the crowds.

Anonymous said...

What great photos! And how cute are the cheeks on that little one *grin*


Farmers Wife said...

Yeah if we could only leave the kids at home at zoos, movies, nah just kidding... I love these photos, the donkey is cute!!

Miss Anonymous said...

"Maybe they could raise the admission price to keep the undesirables out."

Sarcasm? Because that's pretty insulting.

Lisa said...

Just to clarify, of course that was a joke. After all, I took three undesirables of my own!