Friday, October 17, 2008

Not That There's Anything Wrong With It

My friend Andrea is in the process of moving to the town that I live in. Last weekend Andrea needed some more cleaning supplies from the store. We headed out in her car, which can be risky since she is a big-time tailgater. We were coming up to an intersection when the light turned yellow, which in turn caused Andrea to attempt to launch me through the windshield.

I turned to give her a dirty look and Andrea shrugged.
Andrea- “I don’t like running red lights.”
Me- “Do you like getting rear-ended?”
Andrea just gave me a blank look.
Me- “I guess it depends on who’s asking.”
The blank look was replaced be a dirty look of her own.

We managed to make it to the local discount store and shopped for stuff for Andrea’s new house. I was standing in line behind Andrea holding her shelf paper when the checker began ringing her stuff up. He looked at us and asked, “Will this be all together?” It was obvious at that point that he must have thought that we were a couple. We thought that was kind of funny.

The thing is that I already promised to help caulk her tub. Really.


Bulldog said...

Where I work (at the world's largest Naval base) it's "Dont ask . . . don't tell.

S said...

Caulking is a big committment.