Saturday, September 27, 2008

And all This Time I Never Once Suspected That my Parents Were Related, I Was Just Kind of Hoping That I Wasn’t Related to THEM

I have a designer working on a new banner for my blog. The problem is that I need a tag line and no one (including me) has come up with anything funny. I was asking my mom to come up with some ideas and of course, she was immediately on board with the brainstorming.

Mom- "How about 'This is What Happens When You Marry Your First Cousin'?"

Me- "Ok, but that's not funny. That's just kind of gross."

Mom- "No, it just kind of explains why everybody’s nutty."

Me- "Is there something you need to tell me?"

So, if anyone has any suggestions that are better than that, please email them. I'm getting desperate here...


Anonymous said...

but i like your curent look

Val said...

How about:
"Just a short bus away from crazy!"

Not that I think you're crazy....just that kids could DRIVE you crazy!
Sometimes I threaten my family that I am going to ride the short bus soon!

Bulldog said...

Ask me sometime how I came to have double first cousins once removed.

Seriously, and no "wierdness" involved, BTW.