Saturday, August 16, 2008

Proud Parenting Moments, Pt. One

The onslaught of crickets continues. This morning I watched a cricket slowly hop across the living room floor. The baby saw it as well, and began following behind, toddling as the cricket made it’s way to the floor vent.

It briefly flashed through my mind that maybe I should stop her. If she had managed to catch it, it would have undoubtedly gone straight into her mouth. I thought that the odds were pretty much in favor of the cricket since Marin isn't super precise in her stalking games. Therefore I did nothing because I really didn't feel like walking the seven feet or so that it would have required.

In retrospect, I think I was really lucky the cricket made it to the safety of the vent. After all, I would have been the one that would have had to dig a bug out of that baby's mouth.
I mean, in theory.


84thProblem said...

That visual made me giggle.

Can't stop!

Anonymous said...

you sure you did nothing !!!!!


S said...

Bugs are protein staples in some countries.