Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby's First Bug

A little while ago, I was sitting at my desk when I heard shrieking coming from the living room. I told Claire to stop and she came running to me, semi-hysterical, still clutching the Ding-Dong she had been eating.

Claire- “There was a dead bug on my leg! And I thought it was chocolate and I ALMOST ATE IT!”

She continued crying and I couldn’t stop laughing. She made me go look at the bug then. I saw the offending creature, and that caused me to start laughing again. That made Claire cry even more and I still couldn’t stop. Katie came over to examine the bug, noticed it moving, and announced that it was actually alive. Which, believe it or not, didn't help matters any.

Katie “Claire, you didn’t almost eat a dead bug, it was MOVING!” Claire cries even louder at that point.

Me- “Claire, I am so sorry that you almost ate a bug.” Then I would laugh again and Claire would cry. Fortunately the baby woke up from her nap and I regained my self-control while retrieving her from her crib. I put Marin on the floor to play and a couple of minutes later there was more screaming. It was Claire again, followed by the baby’s cries.

Claire- “Marin just ate the bug! And she’s crying because it didn’t taste good!”


S said...

I guess you should have gotten the bug out instead of the baby. That is too funny. I have to be careful since I am know to eat bits of chocolate off my floor, chair, and desk. I'm sometimes concerned that I'm about to eat dirt or cat scat.

J. said...

Poor Claire! I think I would have laughed too. Oh well, you can only hope it's the worst thing Marin ever puts in her mouth.