Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby Proofing Gone Bad

My big project for today was to install the cabinet locks in the kitchen. I decided that that rubber-band probably wasn’t going to do the trick as far as keeping the baby from dismantling the under-counter water filtration system. Her dad had already announced that the locks were not going to work because the cabinet wood was ‘too hard.’ His way of saying that it was just too much work is the reality and therefore MY project. He was, however, thoughtful enough to stand and watch for a while, explaining that you ‘have to put pressure on the drill or you'll strip the screws.’ THAT really helped BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW THAT.

I usually try to avoid the projects that involve power tools since I am remarkably deficient in those skills. But really, how hard is it to use a cordless drill? I managed to get the right screwdriver end in the thing, started my project and the battery died. I was quickly losing my enthusiasm for the whole deal. I charged it for a few hours and then went back to work.

I discovered that it is really hard to hold the lock, screw, drill and cabinet door all at the same time. I decided to use duct tape to hold the lock in position (after all, what kind of home project couldn’t use a little duct tape?) and that helped a little. The girls decided to come watch because it isn’t every day that they see their mommy with a power tool. I put them to work helping to hold the door steady as I drilled. The screws kept slipping or falling out entirely. At one point I said, “Son-of-a…..” and then stopped myself without completing the thought. Katie then said,”You forgot the son-of-BITCH part.”

I finally got the locks on, crooked all with stripped screws. It turns out that if you give me a cordless drill, I can strip a screw REALLY fast.

The baby toddled into the kitchen to examine my handiwork following her nap. She promptly opened all the cabinets. Just to spite me.

All in all, another successful project.


Mia said...

So what if it's a little crooked. Don't you feel GOOD that you did it all by yourself? I hate power tool stuff too, it's scary.. but I'll use 'em when I need to.

Yay for us girls.

J. said...

I personally HATE it when anyone stands around and "supervises." Either help, or go away. And it sounds like you did pretty well for a first try. I like power tools, even though I'm not very good with them, they make me feel all capable and stuff.

s said...

"Next time" you need to drill pilot holes using a very small drill bit so when you go to place the screws, they have a path to follow. Just FYI from a do-it-yourselfer.