Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That's it, I'm Taking My Money and Going to the Basement

It’s storm season here. That means it’s time to pay attention to the weather and be prepared to go to the basement if there is an actual tornado warning versus just a watch. It has been several years since the storm sirens have gone off here due to dangerous weather. The last time it happened Katie was just three and was not understanding what was going on.

I had explained to her that a tornado might be coming but she kept calling it a potato. She kept walking to the front door, looking out and announcing, “Uh-oh! There’s a potato at the door!”

Last night the girls were prepared for the basement. For them that means carrying around their animal flashlights in case the power goes out. It also involves relocating their hamsters.

Me, noticing cages in the living room- “Girls, what are your hamsters doing down here?”
Katie- “We had to bring them down. They were scared because of the storm.”

I was a little worried about putting them to bed not knowing if the worst was yet to come. I hate the idea of them being upstairs in bad weather due to all the trees around the house. One of my friends, Andrea, was acting as if I was over-reacting and encouraged me to just put the girls to bed. I informed her that Ann and her family were already in the basement (they’re a high-strung bunch) and had been there before it even started raining. I did finally put the girls to bed when it seemed that the storm was easing up. Then Ann’s sister, Lisa, called to talk about the storm.

Lisa- “I couldn’t go to the basement with the rest of them because there were already three dogs over there. So I decided I would just have to take my dog to the basement here. So I had him on a leash ready to go if we needed to. Then I started to think about the CASH in my house and I thought I better gather that up. So I put that in my leopard backpack and I was wearing that so it wouldn’t blow away. Then I noticed my scooter helmet and thought that maybe I should put that on, too.”

Me- “So basically, you were walking around your house with your dog on a leash, wearing a helmet, with a backpack full of cash.”

Lisa- “Well, yeah.”

Yep, it’s storm season.


Anonymous said...

Thats why I left the midwest give me a nice summer snow any day. And yes we did drive though snow this last weekend(05/23/08) not much 3 or 4 inches had just fallen. Plus other then in high up places, over 8000 feet.


Mia said...

I feel like that just about every morning :) The world is crazy.. it's not even about just the storms, although they've been pretty bad, but with the prices and politics and all the bad crap - it DOES make ya just want to hide away from it all!

J. said...

That is such a hilarious visual! If it were a scene in a movie, I'd be like, "No way! Nobody actually does things like that."

Karrine said...

That was a great ending ;) It made me chuckle.

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