Monday, May 19, 2008

Lady and the Brat

Claire was telling me about a friend of hers taking a bath with her dad.

Claire- “Kayla told me that when she was four she took a bath with her dad. Isn’t that weird?”

Me- “Well, you guys are constantly trying to climb in with me so why is that so odd?”

Claire- “Because it’s her DAD.”

Me- “So? Just because he’s a boy?”

Claire- “Yeah.”

Me- “Well you go into the bathroom when your dad’s in the bath.”

Claire- “But I don’t get in with him. Because of that hanging down thing.”

Me- “What difference does that make?”

Claire- “Because LADIES just don’t do that.”

Katie had some funny stuff over the weekend as well. She had been acting up a bit yesterday and then she abruptly changed her behavior. She then started being really good. I complimented her in an attempt to keep her on her best behavior.

Me- “Katie, I really like the way you’re acting now. You’re not fighting with Claire. It’s so nice when you put your dirty clothes in the laundry right away. I only asked once and I am VERY happy with you. You know, if you could keep this up for two whole days you could get a reward. Like gum.”

Katie, always the practical one- “How about just one day?”

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J. said...

I see Katie as a future hostage negotiator, and Claire as maybe a "gracious living" personality, informing American women on centerpieces and granny chic.