Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring, Cops and Dogs

Spring is finally here. It's a relief for everyone to finally have a break from the cold and to have the flowers blooming. It's also a relief to have the girls able to play outside.

They were trying to be creative with indoor activities but honestly, they were just running out of things to do. The day they were giving the baby rides in a cakepan was the day I realized these kids REALLY needed to get out more.

Dave helped me replace the battery in their little car (by 'helped', I mean he did it) and now they are spending a lot of time playing and driving in the yard. The only problem is that the neighbor's dogs have been escaping from their yard and getting into mine. One of the dogs is a nasty little Dachsund that hates kids. The girls are normally afraid to even get close to the back fence because he is so aggressive. They used to have another equally aggressive Boxer but thankfully that one died. It was replaced by another Boxer but he is young and just acts like a big, dumb puppy.

So these dogs have been loose in my yard approximately ten times in the last few weeks and it is getting old. The neighbors are aware it is a problem but still persist in putting the dogs out. I have started calling the police hoping that they might eventually get a ticket.

The first time I called, the officer told me that he would talk to them about fixing the fence. I was fine with that because that was all I wanted. I explained that I did not want the dogs to scare my kids in their own yard. The end result was nothing. The dogs were constantly running through my yard. I called again and once again, nothing. Then a couple of weeks ago I was out in the yard when the dogs got loose again. I had the baby and the girls were driving around when the dogs began chasing them. They were both screaming and crying hysterically. I called the police again. This time I was angry because I knew it was going to happen and no one would do anything about it.

When the cop finally came over, I walked back to the back fence with him to show him the problem dogs. The Dachsund immediately came under the fence with the Boxer right behind him. The cop shooed them back over to their own side as I was telling him about how the Dachsund was mean but the Boxer was just a big puppy so he wasn't the one that really concerned me. The cop walked closer to the fence to pet the ecstatic Boxer and said, "He's just a great big bundle of love, yes he is, yes he is."

My hopes of a dog-free back yard have just about gone. So just don't be surprised to hear that the girls are driving their little car around the living room with the baby being towed in a cake pan. It could happen.


J. said... there a dogcatcher you could call about them running loose? Because a couple of times bailing their animals out of doggy jail and your neighbors might actually fix their fence. Also, if the dachshund behaves aggressively, then it's definitely a health hazard to your girls. Love the cute pictures, gives new meaning to "babycakes."

S said...

What would it take to fix the fence? Would a patch made of chicken wire mesh work? I had a yard once that had been dog-proofed by the previous owner and the corners and odd spots were reinforced with chicken wire. It worked too. It didn't keep the cats out though, because they just hopped the fence. (They even wore a path through my yard because mine was the only dog-free yard in the neighborhood.)

Mark p.s. said...

Tell the neighbor you will shoot the dog, if they are on your property again.