Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ringworm, continued

Last night there was a debate with the girls regarding their sleeping arrangements. Their dad was napping in Katie’s bed so I suggested to Katie that she could sleep in her old toddler bed. I think it’s a safe bet that Katie is still terrified of catching ‘brainworm’.

Katie- “NO! I want to sleep in the big girl bed!”
Me- “Ok, how about you and Claire sleep together in Claire’s bed?”
Katie replies as if she is experiencing a Tourette-style tic- “BALD SPOT!”

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s said...

Sounds like somebody might have an anxiety disorder brewing....(I speak from personal experience, and it's not fun.)

When I was 8, I was convinced I was going to die from lockjaw because I had gotten some powdery rust on my hand from a fence. There was no cut, and my dad just laughed, thinking how "cute" it was that I was so afraid...It then spread to a fear of using cleaning chemicals too. My mom was not happy that I was convinced that I was going to be "poisoned" if I helped her clean the bathtub.

Maybe if you give the girls "weapons" it'll make them feel better. Once I discovered bunna rubber gloves, goggles and respirators, I felt an improved sense of control. Maybe if you convince them that simply opening the window for ventilation and admitting UV light will eliminate the contamination.