Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mobile Babies Are Trouble

A little while ago Katie came running up to me announcing that the baby had thrown up a little.
Katie- “Mommy! Marin was crawling by the new chair and she threw up a little bit ON THE FLOOR!” She then continues with a look of disgust, “Now I’m going to have to wear shoes.”

The girls are still crazy about the baby but they have noticed some of the inconvenience that comes with having a baby in the house. I get updates on a regular basis regarding what the baby is currently into. Alarming news-flashes such as, “Marin just crawled off TO EAT A SHOE!” or “The baby has underwear!”

A few days ago Claire was talking about the baby and this is what she had to say.

Claire- “She likes to scratch you and pull your hair and then kiss you like she’s sweet.”


J. said...

Marin is supercute, even if she does scratch, pull hair, and throw up on things! Hopefully, she'll outgrow that. :)

Sharon said...

I'm very belatedly checking in after you left some nice comments for me following our daughter's birth last month. I'm enjoying your blog quite a bit--sounds like you've got your hands full with your girls. Marin is an adorable baby!


The Rule Maker said...

I stumbled onto your blog and really enjoyed reading it. I have three boys and reading about your three girls made my day. They are precious!