Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Awkward Moment with Martha

I was watching "The Today Show" this morning and saw Martha Stewart. She was in a segment with Meredith Viera, making flower arrangements for Valentine's Day.

Martha reminded Meredith that you must trim the lower edge of the flowers prior to putting them in water. Meredith made a comment like "everytime I see you, you have a knife". Martha seemed visibly uncomfortable. In light of her recent history of incarceration, it's probably understandable. Certainly she's justified in being a little sensitive.

I just think it would have been better if Meredith had finished her thought by adding "or a prison shank."


Mahala said...

Martha is scary enough without a weapon.

S said...

From Shawshank, to Lamb Shank redemption...sometimes you just gotta have a knife. I wonder if she enjoyed the comfy fit of the prison jumpsuits; they have much to recommend them. Why don't the degenerate youth wear them? They seem to like the baggy pants reminiscent of prison attendance; the jumpsuit could keep their hands free from having to pull their dropping drawers up all the time. Marth could enlighten them, pointing out the details with a knife in her hand.

thrice said...

That Meredith is a prangster, but somethings, like jail time, I think should be left alone. No?

Anonymous said...

Trice, if you can't laugh about doing time then maybe you might want to try joining 'em?