Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dress for Success

Last night I was talking to my sister and she announced that she had to start looking for clothes to wear for her dental appointment. Evidently she had decided that flirting was a required component for dental care.

Lynne- “I’ve got to find a really short skirt to wear to the dentist.”
Me- “What? For the dentist? What are you talking about?”
Lynne- “Well, the I’m going to the dental school and some of the professors are old guys. So, I have to find a short skirt and then I have to position my legs just right.”
Me- “So, exactly where are you keeping your teeth these days?”


Sharon said...

LOL! Isn't it great that she wants to dress to impress.

Loralee Choate said...


The last thing on my mind when I visit the dentist is wearing skimpy clothing.

I'm far too concerned about the needle of death that is inching closer and closer to my face!

S said...

Oh dear God...She is right about the old guys though; they will be happy to see her even if her legs aren't positioned just right.

Does she keep her mouth open a lot at her gyno appointments?

Mark said...

I tagged you. LINK