Thursday, February 28, 2008

Claire came home with the flu a couple of days ago. About 12 hours later, I had it too. It's the respiratory version (Influenza A or B). The initial symptoms are chest congestion and generalized aching. It then progresses to cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, chills, enlarged lymph nodes and the sensation of someone POUNDING ON THE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD WITH A CLAW HAMMER. It's as if those evil germs from the Mucinex commercial were coughed out only to have decided that they were determined to make their re-entry via the skull. To say that it has been unpleasant is a HUGE understatement.

I had a doctor's appointment today, not for the flu, but the fact that I was ill was fairly apparent. After I arrived back home, Katie started accusing Claire of faking her illness. She is really tired of Claire's unwillingness to leave the couch long enough to play Barbie's. I reminded her that Claire was still sick and that I was too.

Me- "Katie, we are sick, remember? We have the flu. You were sitting right there with me when the doctor was talking about it."
Katie- "No, I wasn't."
Me- "Yes, you were. Remember when he said to make sure that I drink a lot of fluids and get plenty of rest?'
Katie- "He said you should wear a dress?"
Me- "No, I don't think that wearing a dress would really help."
Katie- "Well, I do."

If she suggests a short skirt for the dentist, then I will really be worried.


Becky said...

Oh boy! I could not imagine wearing a skirt to see the dentist! Kids say the cutest things! This brought a smile to my face!!!
BTW found you via bossy's road trip and noticed we live in the same area so I had to come by and check you out!

Nicki said...

I h ad the same thing not long ago! Its the worst, isn't it? I hope you're both feeling better ASAP!

dawn224 said...

A dress? Nah. that never makes me feel better. Unless she really means a robe, then we might be onto something.

S said...

You made me think of the Crest commercial: "We make holes in teeth!" Maybe they're cousins to the Mucinex fatties. Perhaps you have a mutant, inbred strain, and that is why they're attacking you through the skull. Either way a dress won't be of much help.

Does Calire need her hearing checked, or does she have her father's selective hearing?

thrice said...

I guess she's learning early to make yourself feel better, when you are feeling crappy to make yourself up. Funny.