Saturday, December 22, 2007

Nothing Says Christmas Quite Like a Stocking Full of Moldy Broccoli

There has been a lot of talk at my house about the upcoming holiday. Claire and Katie, like most kids, are very excited about Christmas. Everyday there is discussion about what Santa might bring them, what they are going to put out for Santa and his reindeer, and just how many days are left before Christmas. The ‘how many days’ discussion always sparks the ‘count them with your fingers’ discussion with Katie. Usually several times a day.

I try to use the excitement to my advantage whenever possible. By that I mean behavior modification, of course. It’s just that little extra leverage that you get this time of year that can help make up for the non-stop work of shopping, baking, and wrapping that parents (usually moms) have to do for the holidays. If I can play the ‘Santa card’ to get them to pick up their toys or stop fighting, why not? I never go as far as to say that they will get the lump of coal that my parents threatened, just kind of plant the seed that it might not be quite as lucrative.

I was talking to Claire and explaining yet again, that now is the time of year that Santa Claus is really paying close attention. Since he is watching so closely, it is really important to be good and not pull your sister’s hair.

Clair turned around to address her little sister and said, “Yeah, Katie, you better be good. Otherwise Santa just gives you a rock or some mold.”

I was a bit surprised by her remark and asked, “What kind of mold, Claire?”
Claire replied, “Oh, broccoli or carrots or salad or something.”

Me- “So, Katie, what do you really want the most for Christmas this year?”
Katie- “What do YOU want me to have?”
Me- “I don’t know. I just wondered what you were going to tell Santa.”
Katie’s dad questions her next- “Have you been good this year?”
Katie- “Hey! Stop it!”

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