Monday, December 24, 2007

I Just Need to Get Some Balls

This year the girls decorated the Christmas tree with very little help. My job was to retrieve the box of ornaments and lights from the basement. I have never been a big fan of the ball decorations because they seem a little generic and impersonal to me. However, delicate collectors ornaments are a bad idea with little kids. I carefully unpacked the ornaments from their original boxes and then proceeded to pass them to the kids so that they could break, I mean, hang them.

All the ornaments were put on the tree, then removed, examined, played with and finally re-hung. Again and again. Within a short period of time, several ornaments were in need of Super-Glue despite the fact that they had no trouble withstanding the strain of hanging on the tree for the previous ten-plus years. Katie kept bringing me pieces saying, “I found this and I don’t know what it’s for.”

Seeing the tree up has really worked them up into quite a frenzy. Clair and Kate have been updating their lists frequently. They have even written out a list for their baby sister. Apparently she wants diapers and baby wipes.

Claire likes to quiz me regarding the contents of her list to make sure that I have been paying attention.

The conversation goes like this-
Claire- “Mommy, do you know what I want for Christmas?”
Me- “Yes.”
Claire- “Ok, then tell me what I want.”
Me- “You want brown boots, a snow globe and a bell from Santa’s sleigh. Right?”
Claire- “Right, but do you know what else I want?”

Then I have to spout off the most recent addition to the list to PROVE MY LOVE FOR HER- “A talking bird!”
Then she smiles and we can get back to the business at hand (pardon the pun) of showing Katie how many days until Christmas by counting on our fingers.

Claire has also decided to put out the treats for Santa and his reindeer, even though it’s a little early. Her sixteen year-old brother walked in and was surprised to find the treats on the table.

William- “Hey, Mom, Claire left stuff out for Santa.”
Me- “Yes, I know.”
William- “But aren’t the carrots going to go bad or something?”
Me- “What? And give food poisoning to the imaginary reindeer?”


Janie said...

I love this part of parenting. Their little brains are going all the time. It is so much fun.

I also love hearing from William!

Happy Holidays to you and all of your wonderful, hilarious family!

Loralee Choate said...

Nothing says Christmas like a good set of balls.


Sara said...

Next year you could encourage them to leave out straw for the reindeer since it won't go bad, and you can tie it in neat little bundle-bites. Or was this for the camels of the wise men?...

Whirlwind said...

This is the first year we put real ornaments on the tree in awhile and yes, we too had to super glue some back together as well. In the past, we had the girls make ornaments out of paper to hang. We hung some of those as well.

I love your last line of the post!

Mr Lady said...

That's excellent!

My kids make food for the deer with the year's leftover oats and raisins and the healthy cereal I never got them to eat. The squirels get it overnight, and every year they are MORE convinced that Santa actually came.

Happy new year!