Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ice Storm

Here are some pictures from the ice storm. The last couple of days have been pretty rough with intermittent power. We have had trees losing huge branches in our yard and all over the area. Power lines are down and there are people that still do not have power.

The girls were excited the first night because they think that using flashlights and candles is exciting. I wasn't nearly as thrilled with the whole thing. When the power came back on the first time, I almost did a little dance. Unfortunately, it went back off again a few hours later. I ended up sleeping on the living room floor with Claire, Katie and the baby snuggled up next to me. It was cold and hard. And someone wet their pants. But I didn't want to risk them sleeping upstairs because we live in an area with lots of big trees that were losing large branches at fairly regular intervals. I kept having horrible visions of trees falling on the house. The entire night I found my sleep interupted by the sound of limbs cracking and then crashing. Then Katie would wake up and say, "I'm scared!"

The second day I had really grown tired of sitting in a freezing house with no power. I was sitting in a chair with a blanket and a hot water bottle, pouting. Then the power came back on. Then went back off. Then back on again and stayed on for a few hours. Since then it has continued to be on and off.

I have little faith that it will really stay on for long so I now plan accordingly. As soon as it comes on I turn on a space heater to try to heat the house up more quickly than just the furnace alone. I charge my cell phone and vacuum. Do some laundry and run the dishwasher. I have the thermostat set higher than I would normally have it set. I feel like I have to since you can't trust that the power will be on for more than just an hour or two. The problem that I have is that now the house is too hot when the power is on because I am afraid to turn it down.

Next ice storm? I'll be the only one in the neighborhood riding it out in my underwear because the house is 110 degrees.


Sara said...

Maybe your exessive heat will prevent ice from forming on nearby trees and you will be spared - at least from the threat of crashing braches.
Back in 2002, I cleaned out the garage so I could park the car during that ice storm. Within 5 minutes of parking there, a huge limb fell, trapping the car in the garage and thankfully missing everything but the pavement. It would have been me shoveling or the car. They didn't believe me at work that I couldn't get out without a chainsaw...they had power the whole time while my block had none for 8 days - kind of like reverse Hanukkah...I understand your pouting.

Mark said...

We had a similar thing in 1998.

Tanya said...

Beautiful pictures.

Janie said...

Wow, it's 56 degrees and raining here and I'm running around making sure everyone is insulated enough. It must be nerve wracking to have no power with the babies in the house. I would be a momma squirrel too, storing up heat for the storm!