Monday, November 19, 2007

Damn Baby

I was finally eating my lunch today around 3:30 in the afternoon. I was trying to hurry because the baby was fussing and wanted to be picked up. As most mothers know, babies seem to always want to be held when you are busy. Katie was getting irritated by the baby’s fussing and decided to complain.

“Mommy, the baby’s crying!”
“I know. I’m going to get her in a minute.”
Evidently that wasn’t acceptable to her.
She then yelled, “Mommy! Just get the damn baby!”

I briefly considered having a talk with her regarding her inappropriate language for a five year old but then decided to just pretend not to hear it. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. Just for the record, I have never used that phrase. This time I can honestly say that I have no idea where she got that.


Sara said...

Was I on speaker phone again?

Janie said...

LMAO! Damn kids just soak up everything they hear within a 5 mile radius!