Friday, July 20, 2007


My little girls are incredibly fascinated with their newborn baby sister. They want to help with everything from diapers to bathing. They really wish that their baby sister was bottle-fed so that they could feed her too. They both find the breastfeeding very amusing however.

I explained how it worked before the baby was born. They both seemed to think that I must have been kidding, because honestly, it sounded completely ridiculous to them. Did I really expect them to fall for that? Katie really wants to understand the whole process in detail. She asks many questions since she is four and asking questions is pretty much her job. Which she takes very seriously by the way. Refer to earlier post about “The Quiet Game.”

She asked while gesturing towards my chest, “Why do you have two for the baby? Is this one for chocolate and the other one white?”

That kid is always thinking. Of course if one were chocolate, I would still have her hanging on me too.

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Mark said...

This is kind of scary as well, as I think this is a normal reaction of most city /urban children. It shows how alienated we have become from our bodies and nature.