Thursday, July 12, 2007

Girls Only

My sister and nephew were here for a visit a few days ago. My six year-old daughter, Claire, decided that she did not want boys in the downstairs bathroom and took it upon herself to make a sign designating that it was for girls only. I was not terribly crazy about my eleven year-old nephew using the bathroom either since he is not very neat. I had just finished putting in new tile, painting, and a new toilet so the bathroom was sparkling clean. Then we had a boy in there.

We had a nice visit for the most part except for all the additional messes. I tend to like things a little more clean and neat than my sister and I generally end up frustrated that her and her son are so messy. It was nice to have someone around that was so happy to burp the baby for me. So I could get back to my cleaning you know.

My sister was so thrilled with the baby that she announced that she wanted one too. Claire looked at her and said, “Yeah, but you’re not getting one.”

My sister looked upset at Claire’s prediction and wanted to know why not.
Claire replied, “Because you don’t have a big tummy.”

That response seemed to satisfy my sister and she even looked a bit smug about the compliment.

Then Claire leaned over to whisper in my ear, “But she sure has a big butt!”

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