Friday, June 22, 2007

Probably not a Love Match

I have a friend that recently decided to join an online dating service. She has certainly met some interesting men, both there and in real life. When I say interesting, what I am really trying to say is interesting as in a dysfunctional type of interesting.

The following is an email that she received from a man that could not understand that she could not respond immediately to his communication.

Dear A true Dysfunctional women that no one can communicate with.

What do you call a women that goes to school, finishes final exams and perhaps has a full time job and has to be on Eharmony? Did you treat all the guys at school and work the way you treated me. Self centered, aloof and cold. You have the 5 foot women syndrome and pretend you are better then anyone else. But inside you have a lonely heart. I bet you never smile at anyone.

I have an excuse for Eharmony. I helped my family during my Moms Breast Cancer because my Family came first. I only have to physically be at a location for 8 days a month and the rest of the time I work at home. The special needs kids, I help bowl have a better personality then you do.

I wanted the last word.

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