Thursday, August 25, 2011

The One With No Title

Hello? Hello? Anyone still out there? Is this the time where I make the excuses for not posting? I’m going to skip that part and go ahead and move on to new business, if that’s ok with the one or two loyal readers that I might have left.

Just to catch everyone up on what’s going on here in Pleasantville, my oldest son and his wife had a baby, Cael. He’s four months old now and just perfect. I’m still trying to figure out how to convince everyone that I’m the aunt. I have a hard time with the “G- word.” It makes it difficult to pull off the “I’m 38” lie.

So, now my little girls are all aunts. At 10, 8 and 4. Although Claire was 9 when he was born and Marin was just 3. She still insists “I not AUNT Marin!”

Marin is crazy about babies though. She was a fan of babies before her nephew, but they were just dolls. Now she’s had some up-close interactions with a real baby and she’s hooked.

Marin- “Can we get a baby?”

Me- “Uh, no. I’m pretty much over that.

Marin- “Please! Please!”

Me- “No way. I’m not doing that again. No more babies. Where do you think babies come from anyway?”

Marin- “The baby store? Wait. Do we even have a baby store in this town?”

Me- “Nope. It closed down. Besides who would take care of a baby?”

Marin- “I would. It could sleep with me.”

Me- “Ok, but who would change the baby’s diaper?”

Marin- “Oh, I would do that.”

Me- “What if the baby is poopy?”

Marin- “I don’t care about that. I would change it.”

Me- “Ok, but who is going to feed the baby?”

Marin- “Me! I will do it.”

Me- “What would you feed the baby?”

Marin, thinks for a minute- “Peas!”

Me- “Peas, huh? Do you like peas?”

Marin, clearly disgusted- “No! That’s baby food!”

Enough of that stuff already, because there really should be a limit on cute for any given day.


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