Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Falls Under the Category of WTF?

I was shopping on Amazon for some vitamin B today. Since Pleasantville is pretty small, we don't have everything available here in town at a great price. I found the vitamins that I wanted, same brand and everything at Amazon for less than the local price at the health food store. Not only is it a couple of dollars cheaper but the bottle has twice as much. Exhibit A

So, I needed to spend a few more dollars to get free shipping. I decided to see what other fabulous deals the same store within Amazon has to offer and I came across this, uh, syringe.

I had never heard of this product and made the executive decision that this was NOT going to be my extra product of choice to catapult me into the land of free shipping. After all, the reviews clearly indicated that this particular model has "no back flow valve."

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Bulldog said...

Well, I guess I'm reader #1 of 2. No one reads mine either. I think blogging is dying because of the instant gratification of Facebook.

But, welcome back.