Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah, He Could Smell Better Though.....

First of all, I want to share some complaints about daylight savings time. The first day I skipped straight over breakfast and had lunch at 10. I rarely even eat breakfast. There is something very wrong with this time change system when I decide that a fish fillet is a good choice at 10 am. I was making plans for dinner by 3:30 in the afternoon. I’m now officially on the senior’s “early bird special” schedule.

To make matters worse, it took me several days to remember how to reset the clock in my car. As a result I was doing things like leaving the car, walking in the house, noting the time on the stove only to think to myself “fuck, it’s noon again?”

In other news, I adopted a dog. He’s a very nice dog that a rescue group saved from a death sentence at a shelter. The shelter staff had him labeled as dog aggressive since he had barked at other dogs. I don't claim to be an expert but don't all dogs do that? It turns out that not only is he not aggressive but he loves to play with other dogs and kids. It’s not surprising because he is only 18 months old or so.

The guy that was caring for him (Dale) didn’t like the name the rescue group gave him, Baron, so he changed it to Chase. I say that he’s officially Baron Von Chase which sounds very dignified considering the fact that Marin has already been making him wear hats, Little girl hats. He spent five weeks with Dale and has had a fair amount of obedience training. He knows sit, heel, down for starters. He’s also house-trained (YES!)and the girls adore him.

Marin insists that Chase go with her to the potty. She also likes to put his gigantic dog bed right next to her little toddler bed for nap-time. Yesterday afternoon I checked on them only to discover them both sound asleep and Marin had Chase tucked in with a blanket.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all kittens and unicorns. Katie was upset with Chase for sniffing her legs while she was wearing a skirt. Of course, in her defense, he did have his entire head under her skirt. Claire was displeased when Chase licked the piece of pizza in her hand, and then immediately tried to feed it to Marin. Marin is not a fan of dog spit. She gets upset when she picks up the ball to throw for Chase and discovers that it's wet. Marin was most irritated the first night Chase was here. He kept going to the door and whining.

Marin, addressing the whining dog- “Don’t do that! It’s making me annoying!”

Me- “That’s not what’s making you annoying.”

Marin- “He's doing it again! He have a whistle in his mouth!”

Well, I guess I better hurry up and get started on lunch. I just noticed it’s 11 o’clock again.


Julia said...

Dog. A dog is good. They add a certain something into a family. Mostly hair and chewed up shoes but definitely a conversation starter. :) Glad you saved him. He sounds like a nice guy.

ps I am a cat person... no offense meant to dogs.

Bulldog said...

That is NOT a Paris-Hilton-doggie-in-a-purse, is it?

Very nice looking pooch, though. Does he eat more than a teenager?