Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring, etc.

Here is my first flower picture of spring. A couple days after that we had a snowstorm, the day before it was 70 degrees. I would guess that I probably wasn’t the only one that wasn’t prepared. Although, I just might have been the only one in the neighborhood attempting to clear six inches of snow off my windshield with an old brochure. Now I understand why the scraper was invented.

I’m glad that spring is finally here. It was a tough cold/flu season at my house. Marin was evaluated by the ENT and is scheduled for a tonsillectomy next month. Her tonsils are huge and she snores like a long-haul trucker, at least what I imagine they must snore like; since clearly, I’m not an expert on trucker snoring.

Back to Marin and her tonsils though, with her family history of problem tonsils and the airway obstruction, they think it’s best to get them out before she starts with the constant infections that plagued her sisters. Marin has been a pretty healthy child in general. She has had some problems with constipation on a fairly regular basis. Fascinating, I know.

Marin is taking antibiotics right now for the tonsillitis. She has only had antibiotics a couple of times. However, she has had probiotics and glycerin suppositories quite a few times. When I took Marin’s first dose of antibiotics to her we had the following conversation.

Me- “Ok, Marin. Here’s your medicine. You need to take it and it will make you feel better.”

Marin-“What that for? Help me poop?”

And it did. She has pooped and pooped. The wonders of antibiotic therapy.... There is a poopy Webkin in the washer right now as we speak.


Mia said...

oh, you teaser :)

I don't envy the poop situation, but it makes me laugh :)

S said...

Funny how antibiotics can cure constipation and obesity in some individuals.