Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fly Story

I was talking to my friend Lisa the other night and she told me a funny story. Well, disturbing and funny.

Lisa- Did I ever tell you the story about the guy with the fly?

Me- Uh, no.

Lisa- Well, this was like ten years ago back when I was running the bar up at the motel. I was wearing a cute little dress and like some black tights. I was looking pretty good. Then this guy came in. He was older, probably fifties or so and a business guy. His face was kind of red and he had jowls. He was pretty drunk before I even gave him a drink but he was trying to flirt with me. While he was sitting there at the bar, this fly landed on his face, right on his cheek. It wasn’t just one of those little houseflies though, it was big, almost as big as a horsefly.

Lisa- Anyway, this fly is right on his face and he doesn’t even notice. It’s like his face is numb or something. Then this fly starts walking across his face and he’s still just sitting there trying to flirt.

Me- Why didn’t you tell him or wave it away?

Lisa- I don’t know. I just didn’t. It was so gross and I couldn’t look away. Anyway, this fly is now walking on the side of his face and it makes it’s way to the corner of his mouth. The guy’s mouth is kind of hanging open a little and the fly just walks in. It doesn’t come back out either. He swallowed the fly.

Me- That is disgusting. What did you do?

Lisa- I said I think we’re closing up now because I thought I was going to throw up.


bernthis said...

okay, that takes drunk to a whole new level

bernthis said...

okay, that takes drunk to a whole new level

J. said...

That is too funny! Exacty how drunk do you have to be for this to happen?? Mindblowing...

Farmers Wife said...

Excuse me while I snort (laugh)..