Monday, January 11, 2010

I Need a Guest Blogger AND a Maid.....

I was happy to see so many comments on my friend Lori’s guest blog post. I think Lori is a super talented writer and she has many more great stories to write. Hopefully she will make another appearance soon. She is also starting her own blog, which I will link to the minute she gives me the green light. Lori is so smart and talented that I’m just sure that she will be an overnight sensation. I have made her promise not to forget about me when she hits the big-time. I get to be her “Gayle”.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up lately. It seems like the holidays have completely thrown off my already somewhat erratic schedule. The laundry is out of control. I do laundry every day but I hate folding and putting away. As a result I have stacks of clean laundry taunting me

. A few days ago I started folding and found a dirty dress that Marin had been wearing mixed in with the clean clothes. I took it out and tossed it in the general vicinity of the laundry room, planning to take it out on my next trip. I got sidetracked and abandoned folding in favor of some other task. Maybe that explains why I can never get it all folded.

A few hours later I was back folding the laundry and pulled the same crispy, yogurt-covered dress out of the pile of clean clothes. It’s like some sort of messed up “Groundhog Day” for laundry in my house. Worse yet, it happens all the time. My kids may or may not be wearing clean underwear right now as we speak.

I have yet to identify the culprit that puts the dirty clothes in with the clean but I promise you, I will continue my investigation. Especially if that allows me to avoid folding….

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