Friday, September 11, 2009

Aunt Flo

I was talking to a family member, Cathy, last night and we were talking about kids. She has just one daughter that is approaching 12. Just as men suspect, the conversation went to the subject of periods. I asked her if she had the period talk with Sammi and she responded that she had. She then said that Sammi was really excited about it and couldn’t wait.

Me- “She’s excited about it?”

Cathy- “Oh, yeah. She really can’t wait.”

Me- “Why?”

Cathy- “Well, you know. It’s about growing up. I can remember being excited about it and then my younger sister developed first. I really didn’t think that was fair. Weren’t you excited about it?”

Me- “Uh, no. I remember my mom talking about it and thinking ‘you have got to be kidding’. Of course that was also back in the days of maxi-pads the size of a twin-sized mattress.”

I tried to think back to my mom and her attitude about that stuff. What I really remember is terrible cramps and my mom saying something like “that’s why it’s called the curse.”


Jen said...

My mom didn't bother to tell me about it. She figured since she had been sending me to the drugstore to buy her maxi pads I already knew. Which is probably for the best, mom has a little brain damage. I had to learn all about it from friends. I was not too excited about the whole thing. Getting a bra I was excited about. Unfortunately they never developed much past 16 so it was kinda of a let down.

Skye said...

I never could figure out what there was to be excited about. It was just a thing, and it was often inconvenient.

84thProblem said...

Okay. I take back all those things I said. Maybe you're actually sharing TOO much.

S said...

I remember the school making a huge deal about it in Sex Education. We had to get waivers signed just to hear a bunch of highly uncomfortable middle-aged folks try to tell us about men-stru-a-tion and noc-tur-nal e-miss-ions...we really could not figure out what the fuss was about. They demonstrated those horrid belted pads, and when the time came, my mom hooked me up with mini pads and mini tampons explaining how it's no big deal and you can't even feel them once they're in. She was also "great" when it actually came to sex too: she handed me a bag of unlubricated Trojans (cruel) and Nonoxinal-9 spray foam. My friends and I were appalled and we blew the condoms up and played with them. Then she simply advised me to wait until I was 16 to have sex; I was 13 at the time.