Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Knew That Summer was the Time for Xanax and Holy Water?

Marin has been learning a lot of new words lately. Today she started saying “nap”. Yesterday she said “right back” and “help me”. Help me was due to the fact that she had climbed into the toy box without considering how she was going to get back out. Honestly, it seems like “help me” is probably the most useful phrase given the fact that she has siblings that are six and seven.

I watched a movie with the girls and their big brother yesterday. N had already seen it so he knew that there was a part that the girls shouldn’t see. We herded them out for the bad part but then a little later there was a questionable scene. A guy bumped fists with another guy. Then the third guy tried to participate but missed his chance. He said, “Hey, I was going to fist you, too!” N and I both laughed and the girls wanted to know what was so funny.

Claire- “What does that mean?”

N- “You don’t need to know that. In fact, I find it a little disturbing that Mommy knows what it means.”

It reminded me of when N was about nine and was telling an off-color joke. C took him out of the room to try and explain that it wasn’t appropriate.

C- “You shouldn’t tell jokes like that in front of girls, especially your mom.”

N- “Why? She doesn’t even know what a woody is!”

As amusing as kids can be, I am getting sick of the girls being out of school. Claire is the kid that never sleeps. She stays up late while Katie goes to sleep early. The absence of kid-free time is putting me on edge. I was complaining to Andrea last night while cooking dinner.

Me- “The girls are driving me nuts. I’m thinking of sending them to bible school just to get them out of the house.”

Andrea- “You know it only lasts for a week, don’t you?

Me- “What if they include an exorcism?”

I'm hating summer.


Anonymous said...

I always spent most of my summers at various I know why :). FYI Girl Scout camp was like 3 weeks long. Hope things get easier!

Sass said...

I just threatened my 9 year old with a different camp every week if she didn't stop talking back to me.

Where does she get this attitude?

I know, I know...she gets it from her father. hee hee.

Or not...;)

Random Real Estate said...

Put up a really tall fence in the back yard, remove all sharp objects and put them out there. Only let them come inside at appointed times like lunch and preset potty breaks. That is what my day care always did

Julia said...

Yes we are into summer too but I dont feel so hmmm... put out of sorts YET...It is only a matter of time around here and can join you in the loony bin. ha ha.

kel said...

We start summer vacation next week... So far, I am excited,but it won't be long before I'm exhausted!

ps. Changed my blog name from Girl n the Glasses to

Farmers Wife said...

hahahahha @ the kids thinking mom is not familiar with the term woody. Kids think they are so damn smart! I keep forgeting you guys are on holidays. Our longest are 6 weeks over xmas here and our terms are broken up into 3 lots of 2 weeks holidays. Thats tolerable.....

AnnQ said...

Love your dark sense of humor! :-)

- AnnQ

Lola said...

Ooh! Where do they have the exorcisms? My daughter could use one. I'm about on my last nerve.

Anonymous said...

ya the excitement of summer wears off pretty quickly. And it doesn't help when you add rain &/or 200 degree weather with a broken down truck. lol. hope yours gets better:)