Monday, June 29, 2009

Babies and Bugs

Katie, yelling- “Mommy! Marin ate a little piece of gum with an ant on it!”

N- “It’s ok. It’s protein. It’s good for babies.”

Katie- “Marin, want another one?”

N- “Katie!”

Claire turned eight a few days ago and Marin is now two. I think that means that I should try to stop calling her ‘the baby’. She is talking more and more every day. She tries to sing the birthday song but it sounds a lot like “bird day to you” but beyond that becomes unrecognizable.

Marin is still thrilled with the potty. Just a few days ago I had to fish both a Pull-Up and an entire roll of toilet paper out of the ‘big potty’. I had kind of forgotten how wild two year old’s could be.

I was planning a longer post but a new alert came in from Claire on the ants. Marin just ate some more. Not a first for her.

I just overheard Claire talking to Marin and referring to her as "my little anteater".


bernthis said...

I guess u can hold off on the exterminator now

AnnQ said...

LOL! "Bird Day to You"....that's funny stuff. :-)

Farmers Wife said...

Ants Ants ,great protein as is bugs in general. Me laughing @ want another one.....

Julia said...

And I thought that having an older BOY as a sibling would be a bad thing.