Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vacation and the Stupid Bridge

After hours in the car with small children I have to say that the car DVD player is a wonderful invention. That combined with a little bit of Xanax makes for a far more tolerable travel experience. We are in Colorado currently, specifically The Royal Gorge. I could not care less about the suspension bridge that brings visitors from all over the world. You couldn’t pay me to get on that thing. But for whatever reason C and the girls wanted to see the world's largest suspension bridge so I tried to be a good sport.

Many of you have probably visited the Canon City area. Canon City is a beautiful little town. The ride up the mountain was less spectacular in my mind. I like looking at the mountains, not driving on them.

C, (usually referred to as DH, but I got tired of explaining that DH does NOT stand for darling husband) normally is a very grandpa-like driver. Today, however, on the rainy mountain road, he decided to speed it up. Typically he drives five miles under the speed limit while I do five over. The mountain road speed limit changed to 15 mph once we got close to the top. I looked out my window nervously, glanced at the speedometer and saw that he was going thirty.

Me- “For God’s sake, for once in your life you’re speeding and we’re on the edge of a mountain. What is up with that? Do you mind?”

C- “Oh, Lisa, there are plenty of trees. It’s not like we’d drop eight thousand feet!”

Me, muttering- “Stupid bridge.”

Still not reassured and clutching my door handle with white knuckles, I was somewhat less than enthusiastic upon reaching our destination. Then I found out that you had to pay to see the stupid bridge. C parted with sixty bucks and I’m in the car with the baby as we speak. More updates to follow.


Anonymous said...

oh my... good thing you brought the xanax :) I'll be thinkin' good thoughts that things chill out and the rest of the vacation is good :)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Having lived in Idaho for a million years, I have to say, driving the mountains is one thing I absolutely love! The bridge? I'm with you on that one.. I'll just look at the pictures!
And the whole car trip with the DVD and Xanax makes me wonder how my parents did it with 7 children in tow WITHOUT the DVD and Xanax!
Hey, and a vacation is supposed to be a time for getting away from it all and relaxing! Hahaha.. Doesn't sound like you're relaxing much..
Look forward to your following posts! =)

84thProblem said...

I as scared to death the time went across that bridge. But after getting part way across I started having fun and felt really good about myself for not letting it scare me away BTW, I walked across. I couldn't imagine adding the weight of a car to the strain I was already puttng on that fragile structure!
You should try the cable car ride to the bottom of the gorge too.

Anonymous said...

its a nice little bridge. And the trees do very little to slow you down You dont get 2nd tries in the hills of Colorado