Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Kid Talk

I was telling Claire and Katie a story about their brother taking care of orphaned baby rabbits. Claire was suggesting that he bring them here and that she would take care of them. I reminded her about the time we had a baby rabbit to care for.

Me- “Do you remember that time that we had the baby bunny?”

Claire- “Oh, yeah!”

Katie- “We didn’t have a bunny!”

Me- “Yes, we did. It was a couple of years ago and the cats kept getting them and we had to rescue the last one.”

Katie then starts yelling and acting crazy.

Katie- “We didn’t have a cat or a bunny!”

Me- “Katie, would you quit being a spaz?”

Katie- “Well, listen to me and I’ll stop spazzing!”

Happy Mother's Day


84thProblem said...
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84thProblem said...

They're awful cute. Mmmm. 7 little bunnies, you'd love them! I just fed them, it's actually kind of fun holding those little critters while trying to get a syringe into their little mouths. All the while your hand is getting wetter, and wetter...

Anonymous said...

Bunnies/Rabbits are my #1 irrational fear! (Clowns would be #2) LOL! Everyone finds them to be so cute and all I can see are bulging eyes, big teeth and claws! LOL!!
Forgive me for not sharing in the "cuteness" of these wretched little creatures.. =(

Sass said...

Well..she does have a point, mom. ;)