Saturday, February 28, 2009

Once Again Ignoring the Social Cues

I was talking to Andrea on the phone earlier today and after just a couple of minutes she abruptly announced that she was getting in the shower.

Me- “So, you’re dumping me now?”

Andrea- “No, but I’m standing here with no pants on. Do you really want to talk to me with no pants on?”

Me- “Unless you are doing something to yourself, I don’t see how that really matters.”

Then a little later I ran some errands. As usual, I ended standing in line behind someone that was having trouble making up their mind on which lottery tickets to purchase. The old guy was peering through the glass with a frown of concentration.

Old guy, pointing at the object of his desire- “I’ll take that one. And one of those.”

More pondering while I continue just standing and wishing that he would hurry up.

Old guy- “I’ll take two of those and that one over there.” Thankfully he was pulling out his wallet as he gestured to the final ticket. He paid as he wandered past me, to go sit with the other oldsters drinking coffee and scratching to beat the band. I was guessing that since he was old that his hearing probably wasn’t that great so I decided to go ahead and complain to the cashier.

Me- “Every single time I come here I end up behind old people that can’t make up their minds on lottery tickets.”

The cashier smiled politely and said nothing. Not deterred by her apparent lack of interest, I continued.
Me- “I mean, what age is it anyway, when your only hope of getting lucky is a scratch off?”


Robin Costello said...

*Doh!* Ah well. It made for a funny blog post- so not harm, no foul.

Sarah @ said...

The phone conversation is pretty funny.

As for the lottery tickets. I have relatives who are just like that, so it's probably in my blood. So let's just make sure that you never wind up behind me in line when I'm older, okay?

Never Clever said...

I must say that I have a pretty low tolerance for people (young, old, or otherwise) that get in line without knowing what they already want.

Mia said...

well... i'm thinkin that age would be 48 ::laughing my ass off::

Sarah @ said...

HI! I got your e-mail!! And I figured that since I'm pathetically behind on my e-mail (don't laugh too hard but last week I accidentally deleted my inbox which meant that I had to ask customer service to retrieve the e-mails from the back-up server, and yeah, um, that'll set you back and in addition, it will give your husband humiliation rights for life because WHO IS THAT DUMB?), so anyway, since I'm behind, I thought I'd comment here and say THANK YOU for the kind words =) That e-mail made my day!

Brenda Jean said...

BAHAHAHAAHA I hate when I say something to a cashier or someone in public and they either ignore me or give that look that says "what the hell are you talking about?" Geesh, and I'm usually just so darn witty!

Bambi said...

This my dear friend, might have just changed my entire day, i have read this 4 times now because it's like watching a 'favorite' episode of something hilarious........ thank you so much, and I think i'm finaly caught up on your blogs i've missed out on. HUGS