Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sock Pee, etc.

A couple of days ago I had the baby in the bathroom with me, again. I was taking a bath and let her get in with me since the baby loves baths. After she satisfied her urge to splash, we both got out and dried off. I hadn’t planned ahead enough to actually have a diaper in the bathroom, so Marin was naked while I quickly dressed. I then put a diaper and clothes on Marin and proceeded to put my shoes on. As I slipped my right shoe on I was vaguely aware that my sock was a little wet.

We then went back to the bathroom to finish up my hair and mascara, etc. That was when I noticed that the baby had indeed left a little puddle on the floor. I cleaned it up and thought that was probably the reason for the wet sock. That is probably the point when most people would change socks but instead I just left the house that way, rationalizing that it was just a little baby pee. Later it occurred to me that there just might be something wrong with me, but in my own defense, I was in a hurry.

One of my stops that day was the grocery store. I was starting down an aisle when I heard one of the ladies at a register addressing the bag boy that must be pushing fifty:

“Eugene, when you get a chance, you need to call your mom.” That’s a total side note but come on, it’s funny.

Marin and I finished up our shopping and went back home. She saw me putting away the groceries and at 16 months, she knows what she likes. She likes Pop Tarts and pointed to the box making a noise similar to that of a barking seal. The translation from baby to regular people is “Give me a Pop Tart now or I am going to freak”. Since she asked so nicely, I gave her some in a bowl. Normally she doesn’t drop much.

A little later that day I let the baby eat food off the floor. It’s actually worse than that, I actually directed her.

Me- “Look, there’s your Pop Tart. Go get it.”

I know this doesn’t reflect well on me, it makes me sound a little lazy. I might spend a some more time trying to defend myself but I’m a little tired. I have one of those NetFlix boxes for movies. I was watching a movie last night and forgot to cover the little LED light afterward. I can’t understand what is up with this technology that allows a little tiny light to become a search beacon while you are sleeping. It kept waking me up all night long. When I did sleep, there was no rest. It was awful stuff about being interrogated and then one freaky dream about a room filled with refrigerators. That one was probably unrelated but maybe these refrigerators had search lights inside.

In retrospect, maybe I should have left the bed to cover it up.


Dr Zibbs said...

Don't feel bad about letting your 16 month get their own pop tart. My kids were cutting the lawn my 24 months. What? I supervised them.

Angelina said...

Don't all moms occasionally have sock pee days? I don't think I'd trust a mom who didn't.

Julia said...

Yep, pee sock definitely ok in my world too. Also, the light from your DVD box is similar to the one on my husbands phone charger which beams a blue light that almost lights our room at night. I am not a fan of these Borg-like lighting schemes.

david wells said...

having 3 kids under 6, I am very familiar with the pee sock. I also went to work one day not realizing my infant daughter spit up on my shoulder right before I left the house. It took me until noon to figure out why I kept smelling spitup.

Bambi said...

LOL- this is one of my favorites yet. I had an experiance with baby pee in a shoe once, at least you knew what it was.... i thought i had a hole in the bottom of one of my shoes, until i LOOKD at my sock. jaida, smiling back at me so innocent. Kids!

S said...

At least it wasn't CAT would have changed your sock and your shoe for that.

Just Call Me Sleep Deprived said...

Haha funny post!
My daughter's favorite activity is eating stuff off the floor, and not just her leftovers. 15 minutes ago I saw her eating, not just chewing on actually eating, paper that fell out of a 3 hole punch. 2 months ago I would've fished it out of her mouth but now I find myself directing her to crumbs and leftovers from her snacks... funny what you find yourself doing after awhile :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am starting with a medical assisting program and once I am done with that Nursing

Skye said...

Okay, does the sock pee thing kick in after the second baby or the third? I need to know so I can plan.