Thursday, November 13, 2008

National Feed the Hobo's Day

I stopped wearing mascara after I had the recent eye infection. Normally I would have been back to using mascara again but I decided that it’s kind of nice to have one less thing to do in the morning. Well, that and I haven’t remembered to buy any since I threw the old stuff out.

It did cross my mind that maybe that is how it starts with letting yourself go. First it’s the makeup and then something else seems like maybe it isn’t that important either and that goes. I can tell you what’s next. Yesterday I drove the girls to school in my pajamas. So that’s what’s next.

Speaking of school, it seems like Claire’s school is constantly doing some kind of food drive. I had her digging through the canned goods just last week because if you brought something then you could wear a hat on Friday. I’m a little resentful that the school can use techniques like the chance to wear a hat to get a desired behavior from a child. I would let her wear a hat full-time if it would offer any incentive to not beat the hell out of her sister.

So once again, I had Claire rummaging through the cabinets trying to rid my house of any remnants of cream of mushroom soup.

Me- “Claire, what are you doing?”

Claire- “I have to take something in a can to school so I can wear slippers tomorrow.”

Me- “What? You don’t even have slippers.”

Claire- “Yeah, but you do. And we take other shoes to wear at recess.”

Claire- “So, I need a can.”

Me- “You just took cans just last week.”

Claire- “I know! But I want to wear slippers. I need more cans to take to school! It’s for poor people and people in the hospital!”

Me- “The hospital already has food.”

Claire- “But it’s for poor people and hobos.”

Katie- “What’s a hobo?”

Claire- “People that are poor and don’t want to work. And I think they like trains.”


84thProblem said...

Drove 'em to school in your jammies? The footie ones?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the "your town" hobo population. I've been wondering who was feeding them. So at least there is now an answer to that question.

S said...

I am shocked that you have relaxed so far as to drive in jammies.

Just Call Me Sleep Deprived said...

LOL! I love this, kids have the funniest views on life LOVE IT :)

david wells said...

They DO like trains!

That is funny. My oldest is in kindergarten and I am already noticing how much fund rasiing they will be pushing home to us.

Noah's Mommy said...

Oh good lord....makes you wonder where she heard about hobos your blog...hilarious...oohhh and did she end up wearing your slippers???