Monday, November 03, 2008

It's Time to PLAY BALL, Old People

First off I have to something to say to the time change people. FYI- babies do not use clocks. Not happy about that. Moving on now.

The girls had a great time trick-or-treating. Since we live in a small town, everyone goes all out and the streets are filled with kids. The baby didn’t really get the whole deal despite the fact that I spent a good portion of Halloween trying to get her to say “trick or treat”.

Me- “Marin, can you say ‘trick or treat’?
Marin- “Yeah, yeah.”

Marin liked being out in her stroller with everyone else but could not be trusted to hold her little pumpkin bucket. She would hug it briefly and then launch in into a yard. She was really excited when she saw a kitty at one of our stops. For some reason, she has the idea that holding out her arm and saying “Ruff, ruff!” in a high-pitched voice is going to help her get her hands on a cat. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t work.

Claire and Katie walked up to most of the houses alone although I was just a ways away on the sidewalk watching. Claire expressed some confusion after visiting one house in particular.

Claire- “We rang the door bell and this old man came to the door and said, “What do you want?’
Me- “So what did you say?”
Claire- “I said, “Uh, we’re here for trick-or-treating.”

After collecting enough candy to safely send them into a sugar-fueled orbit, we headed home to pass out candy. Claire and Katie enjoy this part as much as anything. They kept fighting over who got to pass out the candy to each child. Katie was adamant that any little girl dressed as a princess was hers. Then Katie had a princess that was about two years-old that didn’t understand that Katie had already given her some candy. She stood there just a few inches from Katie and stared at her. Katie got a little uncomfortable and fidgety. Katie then looked at her and said “You can go now.”

In other news, I woke up with an awful eye infection Saturday morning. I won’t go into detail but I will say that I might have looked like I had been in a bar fight.

I got the doctor to call in some eye drops right away and rushed to the pharmacy to pick them up. When I first walked into the drug store I spotted an old lady with a walker heading towards the counter. My brain started flashing images of the old lady ahead of me in line with the dreaded check book. Not only do old people refuse to use debit cards but they aren’t fans of the duplicate check system either. I decided that I didn’t have a choice. I raced her.

I know that sounds bad but come on, people. Of course it wasn't a fair race. She did have orthopedic shoes, giving her a distinct advantage. But if she had beat me to the counter and pulled out a dusty old abacus to calculate her copay I would have been in for a really long wait. Then, possibly, I might have given her a little push.


84thProblem said...

That's just too adorable. I mean the little girls, not your "eye infection" story.

Hmmm. Let's see, a story about your eldest son being old enough to drink. Now a story wherein you may or may not have been in a bar fight. I'm seeing a pattern.

Lisa said...

You know, that old lady had on orthopedic shoes. You can't tell me she wasn't ready for a fight.

Sass said...

I can't say I'd ever thought of orthopedic shoes as an advantage, but I'm picturing it and I'm seriously laughing out loud.

Great story.

J. said...

It is VERY important to beat little old ladies to the pharmacy check-out! They always have 36,982 questions, and they take for-e-ver rooting around in their ginormous purses.
And your girls look totally cute, as always.