Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Payback

This morning Katie followed me to the bathroom, requesting to get in the bathtub right after me. That translates to bathing as a spectator sport as she watches and waits for her turn.

For the most part Katie was pleasant and entertaining. When I was getting dressed, she was watching and commenting. Claire and Katie are both fascinated with bras for some reason, although neither one can pronounce the word properly. They both say “brawl”. This is usually followed by much giggling.

Katie- “You know there are brawls and underwear that match? That’s called a swimming soup.”

Katie’s commentary continued and then Claire decided to come in as well. I try to avoid leaving those two in the bathroom at the same time due to the huge potential for trouble. I told Claire that she had to leave but she returned as soon as I had walked away. I went back again, telling Claire that she had to leave Katie alone in the bath.

It was that very moment that Katie looked down at her bathwater and started shrieking.

Katie- “There’s a spider in the tub! Get it, get it OUT!”
Claire casually looks into the water, then announced, “It’s not a spider, it’s a cricket.”
Katie, not at all reassured- “GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!”

She was clearly not comprehending the fact that there was NO way that I was fishing a bug out of the tub. I told her to get out of the bath, but that upset Katie’s sense of order and her idea of how the universe should work.

We were deadlocked for a while until Katie finally came to the conclusion that I wasn’t touching the bug no matter what. She frantically climbed out, looking back as if the cricket might be following her.
Katie then became calm in a Sybil-style personality change- “Do crickets like water?”

It turns out that Claire had handed Katie a towel right before the cricket landed in the bath. I don’t have any real proof but the whole thing seems a bit fishy to me.


J. said...

I wouldn't blame Claire if she DID put the cricket in Katie's bath (poor cricket). At least Katie didn't have to sit in the cricket's PEE.

Daisy said...

Swimming Soup -- that's a classic. Maybe that's what the cricket was looking for!

Sass said...

I'm cracking up at your site. My kids found a bug in the bathroom the other day, as I lifted the pile of towels we'd used on the boat. My 7 year old son looked at the girls and said, "Now we'll have a million of those."

do you think you have it? said...

hahaha BUT I HAVEN'T USED THE BODY WASH! the best :)

Lisa said...

I think it's safe to say that Katie had it coming. I did still feel a little bit sorry for her.