Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Best Part? No Room for Kids....

Last weekend I got a scooter. A couple of days ago my friend Andrea got her new scooter. So we spent some time scootering around town this weekend. Andrea was initially afraid to ride her scooter but quickly threw caution to the wind despite her history of clumsiness.

Our first stop on our scooter excursion was the gas station to fill up her tank. This should have been easily accomplished but it took quite a bit longer than we had planned. The first gas station was closed and the second did not have the right kind of gas. Upon arriving at the third gas station, I deliberately parked ahead of her because of the risk of her scooter falling over on mine.
I helped her get it on the kickstand then she unlocked her gas cap. She then realized her debit card was locked in the seat, replaced the gas cap, unlocked the seat compartment to get her card, unlocked the gas cap again and finally began filling up.

The pump stopped at $1.58 causing Andrea to look in saying, “I think I can get a little more in.”

After cleaning up the spilled gas we were finally able to ride. I sat a safe distance away as Andrea attempted to start her engine. She wasn’t having any luck with the electric starter and used the kick-start instead. She had already done that earlier in the day so I thought that she knew what she was doing.

For those unfamiliar with scooters, in order to kick-start you have to stand on the side. It’s a little awkward to hold the scooter up so I thought she was on the center stand like she had been earlier. She wasn’t.

It started right up and since she was giving it gas, it was taking off. Yeah, I know, bad scene. With her standing right next to it, which quickly changed to running right next to it with a surprised look on her face. Fortunately she figured out that it would stop once she quit giving it gas. One of the witnesses was on a Harley and he is probably still shaking his head and laughing. He was probably thinking 'if only I had I nickel for every time that happened when I first started riding...."

We made our way down side streets to another friend’s house (Ann). Andrea only had one close call when she misjudged her speed and came up pretty close behind me. I decided at that point that I was safer following her and a few feet to the side, just in case. No sense in both of us ending up in a heap of twisted metal after all.

Ann, an experienced scooter rider, gave Andrea a quick lesson on starting her scooter with the electric start. We rode over to an auction but tired of that after a while and were back on our scooters. It was decided that we would go over to Ann’s new house next.

Sticking to my plan of avoiding Andrea, I rode behind and to the right. I saw her get distracted by her rear-view mirror and attempt to adjust it while zipping down the road, not slowing, just weaving. I couldn’t help but think about the episode of ‘Six Feet Under’ when the guy decides to reach down and pick up his newspaper as he’s backing down the driveway and then accidentally runs over his own head.

We made it to Ann’s house and I coached Andrea before following Ann up the steep driveway.
Me- “You have to get your angle just right.”

Andrea didn’t respond but followed behind. Ann and I were at the end of the driveway when I saw Andrea in my mirror. She had made it up the steep grade but somehow went to the left instead of straight and had ended up in a neighbor’s yard. We were laughing at her for a few seconds as we turned off our own scooters. Then I saw her going backwards down the steep driveway before quickly crashing on the concrete. We ran to help thinking that it was really bad but Andrea was laughing. She finally yelled at us to get it off of her because she was pinned on her side, waving her free arm and one leg, reminding me of a bug on it’s back.

We looked her over checking for injuries and found mostly small scrapes. I brushed the dirt and debris off her back just as she turned her head to look at her scooter, accidentally throwing dirt in her mouth. I’m just helpful that way.

We then questioned her about what had happened. She said she wasn’t sure how she ended up in the yard but then she thought that she could just back it out, down the driveway. She forgot to use the brakes.

Andrea- “That’s when it all went terribly wrong.”


Anonymous said...

I think that I will follow in my jeep you two are deadly.

Jack said...

You're wearing a helmet, I hope.

Mia said...

I want one! But yeah, we need a helmet pic!

J. said...

Wow! Maybe Andrea needs to take a safety course, although I don't know how much help it would be if she can't remember the BRAKES!

Anonymous said...

Did she ever ride a bike as a child?

84thProblem said...

"No sense in both of us ending up in a heap of twisted metal after all."

Is there actually any metal on that thing?

I'll second, make that third, the helmet thing. It'll give you a good place to hang the video camera!

84thProblem said...

Al kidding aside, I'm glad you're riding now. It'll make it easier for you to watch all of your sons riding around on motorcycles!

Anonymous said...

That would so totally be me! LOL! Glad she's okay. They do look like fun though.

KatBouska said...

Oh my gosh! I went to Bermuda where everyone drives scooters and I will NEVER drive a scooter again...I totally feel Andrea's pain!!

Laura said...

ROFL because that would be ME. I have thought of getting one but figured I would end up hurting myself...gas prices or hospital bill...I have been weighing the pro's and con's.

Very funny post!