Sunday, July 06, 2008



Mia said...

oh please.. can i come into your life for just one day? Or babysit for a couple of hours?

Beautiful and sweet. You are blessed!

J. said...

Damn, Marin's getting big, look at all that hair! Have you solved your dog problem, or do you arm the girls with pepper spray while they're outside?

Lisa said...

Hey Mia. If you lived around here I would be ALL over that offer!

J.- The dogs are still a problem. I had the police over just a week ago because of it. The cop said he was going to talk to them (just like all the others have-really effective so far) but I am sure that they didn't get a ticket. The asst. police chief says that next time I need to say that I want to file a complaint and then they will have to give them a ticket. With 2 dogs, that will be around $300. I think that will put a stop to it.

But the pepper spray? Oh my God, they WOULD spray each other!

Skye said...

No worries, my husband cheerfully points out that pepper spray isn't that bad.

Or at least, not bad enough to keep him from beating on the guy who sprayed him in the face in college.

This sounds bad, doesn't it?

Lisa said...

Hey Skye, yeah that sounds sort of bad... But it also sounds like there might be a great story behind it. Care to share?