Sunday, June 22, 2008

Next Time I'n Not Settling For Anything Less Than Skipper....

Claire and Katie are playing with Barbie’s. I started making comments about their dialogue and what their dolls were up to. It usually irritates them and therefore is payback for some of the things they do to irritate me.

Me- “Hey, why is Barbie going to the mall AGAIN? Did she forget something there? Is there a big sale?”

Claire and Katie- “MOMMY!”

Me- “What? I just want to play Barbie too.”

Claire- “No, you can’t. You don’t have the right kind of voice.”

I try to change my voice to something sounding close to a six-year old’s- “Yes, I do. See?”

Claire and Katie whisper and laugh.

Claire- “Ok, we’ll let you play.”

Claire brings me a dollhouse cat.

Me- “A cat? I don’t want to be a CAT.”

Claire, trying to sell me on the cat- “It’s ok. You can be the dog, too. Then when the dog comes along you’re a TALKING CAT.”

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S said...

I like the talking cat. They must have liked your voice-over job so well they wrote in a special script just for you!