Monday, April 07, 2008

The One Where I Almost Passed Out by the Tomato Plants

I was outside with the girls today and was clearing some debris out of the garden area in preparation for planting tomatoes. It has really warmed up the last couple of day so I had just warned the girls to watch out for snakes. We live close to a creek and snakes are not uncommon in our backyard. As far as I know, most of the snakes around are harmless. I just wanted to avoid the possibility of anyone stepping on a snake and freaking out. Right after giving the girls the snake warning, the cell phone in my pocket began vibrating. It turns out that on some level, I equate the phone’s vibration to the shaking rattle of a poisonous snake that somehow managed to find his way into my pants…..

In other news, the baby has become quite mobile. She is cruising around furniture and threatening to walk. I try to put her in her playpen enough that she stays comfortable with it but she is usually “loose” in the house. If I am in the kitchen, she will crawl in and play on the floor while I am cooking. She was doing this a couple of weeks ago when Katie charged in the back-door, looked down at the baby and asked, “Why is there mustard on the floor?” This was followed by Katie saying, “Hey! That’s not mustard!” Nope, not mustard. Yet another hazard of having a mobile baby…..


J. said...

I do the same thing! It's like, "OMG!! There's something moving....INSIDE MY CLOTHES!"

S said...

Leaky babies need LUVs diapers....or so they ads say.

I can relate to the cell phone panic. Sometimes when I'm driving and I forget the phone is on vibrate, I think there's a mouse in the car with me.

thrice said...

Well the mustard thing. As long as you don't have to sleep in it.

My expectations are way low at the moment.