Monday, March 31, 2008

Katie Strikes Again

Claire has been pretty sick today. She has been having trouble with asthma and also has pneumonia. After arriving home from the pediatrician’s office, Katie was really happy to see her. Katie was having a hard time understanding that Claire didn’t feel up to playing and made multiple attempts to engage her in play. When that didn’t work , Katie resorted to tormenting Claire in order to get her attention. Claire just yelled from the couch, unwilling to get up, but still irritated by her sister and very vocal in her displeasure.

Claire- “Mommy, Katie says that I’m pregnant!”
Me- “Oh, good, I’m going to be a grandma.”
Claire- “Mommy, don’t make it any worser!”
Katie- “Claire’s pregnant!”
Claire- “KATIE!”
Katie- “Well, she is.”

I asked Katie this morning why she was doing that to Claire.
Katie- "I thinked it was funny. And Claire cried."


S said...

Where in 'tarnation did she come up with that?? That is so funny. Especially since they have no clue how that even happens - yet.

S said...

Well, if she is pregnant, she really will need a car and a husband - and a plausible explanation.