Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

A couple of days ago my car was replaced with a larger vehicle with 3 rows of seating. Claire and Katie were pretty excited about the new car and loved being able to spread out. I love the fact that they can be separated and maybe they will stop fighting in the car.

Yesterday they went for their first ride together and Katie wanted to sit in the rear seat. Claire sat in the middle with the baby. It was wonderful to have Claire and Katie in different seats. I think it might have been the first time that I didn’t have to break up a fight in the car. Normally, I will have to say, “Keep your hands to yourself” and “I said to leave her alone” and “I want you to knock it off and I mean now” many, many times on a 20 minute drive. This is a HUGE improvement.

I mentioned to their dad how great it was to have Katie sitting behind Claire, clear in the back.
He said,” Yeah, it’ll be great until Katie figures out how to make a garrote.” I wonder if they cover prison shanks in pre-school too.


sara said...

It won't be as sinister or premeditated as any of that. It will be the innocent repeated kicking of the back of the seat, followed by tugging on strands of hair, to possibly dropping bits of things down (like popcorn), to possibly even gum in the hair. You may want to consider banning gum in the car for the reason. (ice cubes and butter will help get it out if this tragedy should occur though.)

Anonymous said...

Only Sara would be that cynical about life, but then this time she’s right it’s better to put them on the out of the back seat and put the baby in the middle. It’s hard to reach over the car seat.

Janie said...

We too have the huge 3 rows of seating car. Unfortunately, my teenagers have mastered the art of fighting over, under and across the seats. Also there is the fun of when the child in the second row of seats gets out, they close the door and leave the kids in the back to figure it out. fun, fun fun!