Monday, November 05, 2007

Survey Says

I have noticed that Katie almost always answers a question with a question. I am just sure she’s going to grow up to be a psychiatrist. A typical interaction might be something like me asking her if she wants to go outside and play. Then she will say, “Do you?” I will tell her yes, she will ask a couple more questions, then we will go out to play. I think that maybe she is afraid that there is a better offer coming and she needs to carefully evaluate this "playing outside business" prior to making a commitment.

Despite the fact that I know that she isn’t likely to ever just answer a question, I find myself constantly asking her questions, waiting patiently for a response as she polls the audience for the most popular answers.

Katie was watching TV this morning when a commercial for My Little Pony came on. She was looking very interested in it so I wondered if she might want one (Christmas is coming you know).

Me- “Do you like that My Little Pony?”
Katie- “Do you?”
Me- “Yes. Do you like that My Little Pony?”
Katie-“Does Claire?”
Me- “Yes. Do you?”
Katie- “Yes.”

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Janie said...

I love hearing these conversations!! hilarious!